SitePlex is the perfect solution for organizations that need a standalone website for their events, committees, or conferences. Easily share a Committee's mission, share a conference's history, or host an event site with SitePlex.

Key Features

SitePlex offers several features that include:

Works with CATALYZE

our SitePlex website works seamlessly with the CATALYZE association site. Integrations between platforms allow for syncing information to your website.


SitePlex offers a variety of customization to align with your organizational branding and fit your specific needs whether you are showcasing a sub-group of your association, marketing an event, or to highlight membership activities.

Always Up to Date

The SitePlex platform's continuous deployment strategy provides your application with the latest features available to improve your content management needs.

Refined Design Elements

Our content management team can create custom layouts utilizing these professionally designed and polished elements.

Service Approach

Need changes made? Our fully managed service provides you with a support team ready to implement modifications and help your site succeed.

Easily Host IEEE Events

Our team works with many IEEE organizations and is knowledgeable on the important items that are required when hosting an IEEE site.

Contact us to schedule a demo and see how SITEPLEX can showcase your next event, highlight a subgroup, or market your membership activities.

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