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Trusted by 100+ virtual conferences with 200,000+ combined attendees since April 2020.

Key Features

For Virtual Conferences

Branded Experience

We will cater the design, color palate, and content placement according to your wishes, unlike other out-of-the-box platforms.

Dynamic Scheduling w/ Custom Time Zones

Attendees can view presentations and sessions according to their specific time zones, with filtering options both by day & week and also by track, topic, and session type.

Attendee Access Level Controls

Do you have different registration types? CONFlux supports access levels for every type so that attendees only receive access to the content they have signed up and paid for.

Integrated 3rd-Party Applications

Unlike other applications, CONFlux has the unique ability to integrate partner applications such as Gather.Town to deliver an augmented attendee experience in a seamless, fully integrated fashion.

Affiliate Management

Sponsors & Exhibits have the ability to directly build out their individual virtual booths within the platform.

Fully Custom Landing Pages

CONFlux offers the unique ability to fully customize every section of the platform, from custom sponsor banners to attendee badge displays.


Attendees can easily launch integrated video chat rooms within the platform and connect with other attendees.

Dynamic Search

Quickly find authors, presenters, presentations, sessions, exhibitors, and any other content through our dynamic search engine.

Demo Video

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About the Platform

What CONFlux Offers


A complete conference platform for virtual and hybrid events

Fully Managed

Our highly experienced team provides white glove service, collaborating with and understanding your specific parameters and then configuring and managing the entire experience on your behalf.


We connect with a wide range of paper management and registration systems to seamlessly transfer core program data and registration data into CONFlux.


Our platform provides focused channels and opportunities for attendee-to-attendee and speaker-to-attendee interaction and engagement.


Our platform provides an unrivaled level of flexibility and control to design and customize an experience that best fits your conference.

User Optimized

Conference content can be experienced both through integrated live streaming or on-demand, so people can enjoy every bit of the experience at their own pace.

Rapid Deployment

Our team is able to accommodate tight deadlines and launch your virtual conference experience quickly.


CONFlux provides extensive opportunities to monetize your conference with sponsors.

Trusted by

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Frequently Asked Questions

CONFlux is a custom platform built specifically for Professional Association conferences. Different from many other platforms are “out-of-the-box” applications, we work with you to provide a custom experience based on your specific content and program.

Yes. CONFlux is fully managed by our highly experienced Conference Management and Web teams to ensure a seamless process from author/attendee communications, to collecting of all content through our proprietary submission system, to the comprehensive platform build and live conference execution.

Yes. We have both a high-level project management document and process we cater to each clients needs, and an internal project management tool with which our team employs a rigid process for tracking and executing each step of the planning and build process.

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