Our Brand Identity

This page exists to provide you with the various parts of the Conference Catalysts identity system, as well as basic usage guidance. All uses of the Conference Catalysts logo need to be approved by Conference Catalysts. If you wish to use the Conference Catalysts logo, please let us know where and how you intend to use it.

The Conference Catalyst Identity System

The Conference Catalysts identity is made up of various parts, each with optional variations. Below is an example of each key variation, including logo mark, wordmark, and lockups.

Clear Space For The Conference Catalysts Logo

The Conference Catalysts logo always needs clear space that is free of imagery and text. The clear space is based on proportioning systems within the mark or lockup itself, and therefore varies based upon which version of the mark or lockup you’re using. The minimum clear space for each variation of our identity system is visualized below.

Minimum Sizes

The words “Conference Catalysts” should always be easily readable, and the logo mark should always be recognizable and without visual noise. The minimum size for each logo and lockup variation is provided below.

What NOT To Do With The Conference Catalaysts Logo

The Conference Catalysts identity system and logo are designed to be a recognizable symbol, and therefore not altered outside of the rules of the system. Some examples of things to avoid doing with the Conference Catalysts logo include:

  • Add visual effects (e.g. drop shadows, bevels, embosses, etc.).
  • Create new lockups using the logo mark and some other word, phrase or item.
  • Add to the logo mark.
  • Type the words “Conference Catalysts” in some other typeface and combine it with the logo mark.
  • Warp or change the shape of either the logo mark or wordmark.
  • Change the spacing within the lockup between the logo mark and the wordmark.
  • Change the colors of either the logo mark or wordmark to anything other than those defined within the guidance.
  • Rotate the logo or lockup.

Color & Background Options

The Conference Catalysts identity system includes six colors for use in varied contexts.

On Solid Backgrounds

On solid backgrounds that are dark, white or shades of gray, the full-color or duo-tone versions of the lockup and logo can still be used. There are two color versions of the lockup; one (duo-tone) using White and Gray Chateau, the other (full-color) using ConfCats Blue and Gray Chateau.

On Imagery

If imagery is dark enough to maintain legibility, the Conference Catalysts duo-tone White and Gray Chateau lockup can be used. If imagery is light enough, the standard Conference Catalysts Confcats Blue and Gray Chateau lockup can be used.

Monochrome Versions

If the background either makes the Conference Catalysts logo difficult to see and read or if it clashes in color with the logo, the monochrome versions (Mine Shaft and White) can be used.

Which Logo / Lockup Should I Use?

The Conference Catalysts identity system is flexible to provide up to four different versions (not including color options) to suit varied use cases. The right mark or lockup for your situation will often be dictated by the size and shape of the space available (see minimum sizes info above), and the familiarity of your audience with Conference Catalysts. Unless space will not allow, please use a lockup (logo and wordmark together) for public use to wide audiences.

The outlined mark versions are to be used specifically for official Conference Catalysts gear and communications only. Please use the filled-in mark for all public scenarios.

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